Stoneware, Porcellan, Glas are my materials - also in combination

I fire high and glas and glazes melt at 1270°C. 
Or I fuse and deform, give pattern to glas in my kiln. Sure I also have an electric wheel and I developped a big variety of glazes, mainly on ash basis. Vessels, objects, landart, pictures are created.  


  • born in Berlin, Germany
  • studied biology and geography in Berlin
  • high school teacher in Berlin
  • travelled Africa, Latin America, S.E.Asia
  • lecturer of German at the Kobe Shoka University, Japan
  • and: disciple of ceramics expert Takako Araki in Nishinomya, Japan
  • establishment of a ceramics studio in Bangkok, Thailand, guided by ceramics and art Professor Thaweethai Boriboon
  • own ceramics atelier in Berlin
  • own ceramics atelier in Moscow
  • Since 2000, own workshop and atelier in Glashütten / near Frankfurt / Germany


For anyone who wants to participate in one of my weekly ceramics classes, there are two options:

  • Wednesdays - from   9:30 to 13:00   
  • Wednesdays - from  15:00 to 19:00  

In each of these classes, a maximum of 6 persons will work on their self-designed projects under my guidance. I developped a special program for beginners. Main focus from the beginning will be creativity. 

There are also exhibitions which we plan and organize ourselves. We dicuss and find a title under which we start to create objects, sculpturs, vessels, pictures which will be exhibited in galleries, museums, churches   These exhibitions are always art events.